Saturday, December 31, 2022

The conservative slide

 I think this is an interesting chart. It shows how people in general become more conservative as they age.

I don't think this is a function of people changing, I think this is a function of society changing. I know I am painting with a broad brush here, but most people get locked into their worldview in their mid to late 20's and change very little throughout the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, as each generation passes, society changes, things that use to be okay, become not okay and things that use to be not okay, become okay. The side effect of this is, a person can move from being fairly liberal at 20 to being fairly conservative at 50 without changing a single idea.

I seem to be an exception to this general trend. I was very conservative in my youth, in the first election I could vote in I voted for Ronald Reagan. I remember very clearly when my leftward slide began, it was while watching Oliver North and John Poindexter testifying before Congress, then later Reagan's speech address the scandal. I realized during this time that these people do not have the best interests of the nation in their hearts or their minds. I woke up and realized that tradition is peer pressure from dead people, religion is holding humanity back and conservative politics is about conserving the power of the wealthy. Each passing year since then I have become more and more liberal in my thinking. These days I am so liberal, I make Gandhi look like a war mongering fascist.

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