Friday, March 31, 2023

I got my Nabu PC

 I received my Nabu PC last week. I was very happy I went through the process of figuring out how to make all the software work with an emulator first, this saved me a lot of screwing around when all I wanted to do was mess around with CP/M. The first thing you are going to need is the RS 422 serial adapter and a DIN cable. There are several videos on how to make them, but really, it is best just to go buy one already made, they cost like $15, it is just not worth the hassle of doing it yourself.

The really interesting thing about the Nabu is, it was the first cloud based home computer to be released, predating Chrome OS by several decades. The Nabu was released in 1983 before anyone even knew what the "Cloud" was. Amazingly, it works pretty well, I would say it is right on par with the other 8 bit computers of the time, obviously its boot time was a little longer when compared to instant on machines like the Commodore 64, but once loaded it performs very well.

At this point, I am not particularly sure what I want to do with it, I was hoping to get some time to sit down with it while I was on vacation to do something cool with it, but I got busy with other things. I may just box it up and resell it in a few years when they are no longer readily available. Right now anyone who wants one can get them for under a $100 if they are will to wait a little while, but in a few years after the warehouse find is gone, I am pretty sure these will be selling for $500+ dollars, especially for a tested and working machine.