Thursday, July 25, 2019

Caldoom as it was

Recently I wrapped up my latest D&D campaign, it lasted over 2 years and I was planning for a year before that. The PC's all made 20th level, which is a record for us. The story itself actually started 35 or 36 years ago when I decided I wanted to merge some game worlds together, mine, Bruce's and Stomper's, so characters from all those places could play in my campaigns. That campaign ended with on of the characters blowing the horn of destiny which merged all three worlds into a new Caldoom. This latest campaign ended with another PC blowing the horn again, this time splitting those worlds out separately again. Below is my original map, that I drew in 1979 or 1980 side by side with a new updated map I made a couple of weeks ago. I am thinking our next campaign will begin with the 5E update of Into the Borderlands, which was the first module we played back in the day, a good kick off I think.

Wow, I have went a long time between postings

June 5th was the last time I posted anything and that was just a short "I hate my life" post. I kind of feel guilty for neglecting it for so long. On the other hand its not like I have been all that consistent about posting for a couple of years now. Anyway, I will try to get better at this.

I know, I know!

I realized a couple of days ago I have not written in my blog since June 5th, which is much longer than I normally do, especially when I go someplace like Billings, I usually post some pictures or something or have something interesting happen in a D&D game, which several fun things have happened in the last two months. I am not sure why I have it go so long, I really rarely let my life pass without some sort of comment. Looking through my FaceBook posts for the last couple of months, I really do not see much there to get excited about

This is not to say I have not written at all, I have written several things, but that stuff is not the things I am inclined to write about and allow others to read. No, its not porn (Jeeze), but rather, inner thinking, observations about some of the things that have went on around me, thoughts on my own actions and the actions of others. Some of it, written in the darkness of 3AM, deals with my demons, but mostly not. I have even pushed out a short story, so its not like I am not writing at all or that I have writers block

Maybe I am just being overly introspect right now or maybe I am saving my energy for the moment when something truly creative will make the leap from my head to the written word. I don't know, but I do know this, my 2nd processor has been fairly quiet since I came back from Montana, I'd like to say maybe I have just found some sort of balance that is working for me for the moment, but I am not sure that is it either, because I am still fretting about things, I am still having those mild anxiety attacks (thank god I am medicated or those would be much worse, I am sure) and I don't think I am anymore happy or unhappy than I was before Montana

I suppose it could be that I am putting so much energy into work, I am certainly working much harder than before, I am not on autopilot for 80% of my day. While my new job is not as intellectually challenging, it is more emotionally challenging because it requires me to interact with far more people and helping them deal with their problems. Now days instead of unfucking computers and software, I unfuck people and processes.