Friday, August 17, 2018

Sad Day in History

Today I was sitting a room full of Millennials, now normally I don't rail on  Millennials, they do have a rough life ahead of them and it is pretty much our fault. However, what occurred to me is, I was the coolest person in that room. Seriously, I am D&D nerd, I was never cool by any standard, but there I was and there was not a hip person in that room besides me. This is the real reason Millennials are pissed off, they are the first generation that has parents cooler than them and worse, their grandparents are cooler than them too. The Baby Boomers came of age in the 60's, the era when the youth culture was born and rebelled against its masters, GenX came of age in the 80's, the era the youth culture came into its own and dominated virtually every facet of life. The Millennials were born into a world that was already cool, everything they can think of has already been done, Recreational sex, been done, recreational drug use, yep, Rock and Roll, Oh yes, been done big. This is why "Retro" is a thing to day, Millennials simply have no where to go.

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