Thursday, August 9, 2018

RE: Bionic Boobs

A bit of an explanation on my last post. My only comment was I did not know what to think and this confused some people, so let me explain. My wife is a very good computer technician, in my career I have met many intelligent and talented women working in tech. I have a lot of respect for any woman who can brave the very male dominated world of technology, make a career and love it. I am also male, heterosexual and I am not dead, so naturally I like the female form, I am especially fond of tits. So you see I am conflicted, one the one hand I want to respect Naomi Wu for her intelligence and what she does, on the other hand, I cannot watch any of her videos without staring at her boobs. In my head, I know I should not objectify her, but my penis says otherwise. This particular video shows very well, what I am talking about.

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