Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Origins Game Fair vs Larry Correia

So Origins Game Fair uninvited Larry Correia as a guest of honor due to his political beliefs. Now I know some of you are going gasp and clutch your pearls, but take a deep breath. Origins is a private organization, they have the right to invite or not invite anyone they want. You are free to disagree with them, but that does not obligate them in anyway. For those who don't know who Larry Correia is, he is a right wing nut job who writes science fiction on the side. A few years ago he made a big stink at the Hugo Awards because he felt the SJW's had infiltrated it and was using the awards to further their agenda and that so called conservative writers were not getting a fair shake. What Larry did was put forward his own list of what he felt was worthy books written by conservative writers and got all his friends to vote for the books on this list. He tried this several times and came close to influencing the awards a couple of times, but his movement eventually petered out.

Looking at these events, it really is no surprise that Origins dropped him. He brought politics into the Hugo's and this upset a lot of people. There is a lot of cross over between gaming and Science Fiction Fandom, apparently many of these crossover people have long memories. In my book, I view it like this; If you shit in someones swimming pool, you should not be surprised when other people stop inviting you to swim in their pools.

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