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Lifes little things.

My friend Wade found this blog entry a couple of days ago and posted it to Google+. Yes, I am on Google+, yes, I have friends who are Google+, yes there are actual living human being responding to posts on Google+, now shut up and let me get on with this story. So anyway, here is the blog post;


Now go back and read the comments, specifically the post by the guy named Ryan.

So anyone who has known me for any length of time, knows I worked at Miss Kitty’s Adult Bookshop in Bozeman Montana in the mid 80′s. The guy “Ryan” talks about does in fact sound a lot like me. I expressed many of the same things about working there. Mostly boring, hate cleaning the video stalls, etc. The clue here that it is not me, is I don’t play the bango, nor was I commissioned to write a love song to a dildo. So one of two things has happened, either at some point another Chris worked there or this “Ryan” has merged me with another employee.

Miss Kitty’s changed owners a few years ago and is now Erotique. The new owner is Billy McWilliams, who managed the store for many years prior to acquiring the store. When I post a link to this on FaceBook, I will tag him and see if he can clarify the situation for us.

We wish

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Happy toker day

To all you Daydream Believers, happy 4/20.

Interesting ideas

I have not needed a condom in many years, however, I have personally never had problems wearing a condom when needed. I have always felt guys who complained about them and had trouble keeping their erections were just being d-bags. Seriously, if a woman is willing to get naked with me, the least I can do is keep my erection, it just polite. So anyway this company came up with the idea of a lubricant that helps men maintain their erections and then put it on the inside of a condom. Seems to me to be a pretty good idea, so no more excuses, man up and do what you have to do.


List of 5 Cracked Lists

I like Cracked.com, not all of their stuff appeals to me, but enough of it to make me venture there once a twice week to see they are doing. This list is not a “Best of” list, it is more like a list of Cracked lists that mildly amused me over the last couple of weeks. So take it for what it is.

1. 5 Rock Radio Classics That Actually Suck

2. 15 Best Songs That Are Totally About Masturbation

3. 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor

4. 10 Best Sci-Fi Films Never Made

5. 5 Things You Won’t Believe Aren’t In the Bible


Cybersex and cheating

The whole weenergate thing has brought up talk about whether or not cybersex with someone who is not your spouse really cheating. Personally, I don’t see cybersex as cheating any more than I consider masturbating to Playboy magazine to be cheating. Yes, it involves another person, but there is no physical contact, no exchange of bodily fluid, it is in effect masturbation and as long as both parties are consenting adults, it is harmless. Certainly there is something to be said about emotional cheating, but really if someone is emotionally hurt over a bit of hot online chat, they are probably being overly sensitive and your relationship likely has deeper problems. My advise to any one who walks in on their significant other having hot chat with some one else, is to get on your knees, ask them to read it all to you and go down on them while they do it. Trust me, this will do more for your marriage than acting like a child.


So apparently a high profile Democratic Congressman by the name Weiner sent out some pictures of himself in his underwear that show the outline of his penis to Twitter. All the political fallout crap aside, this brings up the question, in this day and age who is stupid enough to allow such pictures to get out of their control.

A grown, reasonably intelligent man, presumably somewhat tech savy, sends lurid pictures (Yawn) of himself to Twitter and then is horrified and offended that said pictures got on the Internet ? REALLY ? SERIOUSLY ? He should resign, but not because of this so called “Scandal”, he should resign because he is a full on idiot. Someone, please take the blackberry away from him, he obviously can not handle the responsibility that goes along with it like an adult

Teacher, teacher

Apparently a high school English teacher by the name of Judy Buranich has been writing racy romance novels under the pen name of Judy Mays. This has upset at least a few parents of the teenagers she teaches, because she writes books which are not age appropriate for their children to read. Let me point out, she has done nothing illegal or even unethical, she has broken no rules laid down by her contract, she writes under a pen name and is by no means a high profile best selling author. While I do think school districts should be concerned about the type of people they hire to teach, and have every right to punish teachers who do stupid things like post risqué beer bong pictures on their Facebook pages, I think this one is a non issue. Seriously, you parents who are outraged about this, I have news for you, your precious little snowflakes are probably already having sex and it has nothing to do with Judy Buranich, so leave this poor lady alone and for gods sakes go out and get laid, you are starting to annoy the rest of us.


Sex in Space

I have read a couple of blog posts lately about the complete lack of secret sex experiments in space by either the U.S.A or Russia. If you google sex in space, you will not find a single credible report of anyone joining the 22,300 mile club. I personally find this very hard to believe. Human beings are after all human beings and one of the driving forces in our existence is sex. Lets be realistic here, most astronauts are reasonably young, healthy, athletic and intelligent. When you put groups of mixed gendered people who are reasonably young, healthy, athletic and intelligent together for long periods of time, some chemistry is going to happen. When I was in the Military, when we would go out into the field or deploy for long periods of time, there was always people hooking up. It is so prevalent that Supply Sergeants were required to keep condoms on hand and give them anyone who requested them, no questions asked.

While I can not prove it, I think there have most certainly been some hanky panky going on at the International Space Station and probably Mir before that. The reason there has been no reports or rumours is, any scandal like that would end the careers of everyone involved and not just the couple who were doing the fucking, but everyone on the mission, so everyone keeps their mouths shut. However, I am looking forward to some tell all books in about 20 years.

Orginal Star Wars LP

PezWitch picked up a copy of the original LP for Star Wars off of ebay for like $10, which included this poster, now hanging in her grrl cave.