Gargoyle One, 2nd flight

My second run went very well. The ad hoc network ran as expected and I was able to control the webcam with no issues at all. Here are a couple of pics PezWitch took.

and finally, the resulting video.

  1. well that looks like a great deal of fun, and I will probably be sorry I asked but…is there a reason you are doing this?

  2. oh and I just got a webcam and its working pretty well, I bet Mom would get a blast out of an occasional video call, email addy is handle is Tazzie

  3. It is basically an experiment in human augmentation. This is the first step, which is getting a reliable data stream input, which means its recording everything I see and hear. The second step is figuring out a reliable real time output, so I can view what is being recorded. The third step will be manipulating the data stream between input and output with facial recognition and locational information. It would also be cool if I could modify a Webcam to only record in the infrared spectrum, coupled with a source of infrared light, the camera would be able see in the dark, which is how the Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel record their episodes.

  4. cool idea, but you need to mount it on a hat or helmet so that the viewers dont feel like you weere walking at an odd angle.

  5. That is something I am looking into a hat, but hidden inside so the rig does not make people uncomfortable.

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