Gargoyle One, adendium 1

Last night I came up a with a pretty good idea for controlling the Dell Mini 9, while it is stowed in a backpack. VNC is a program that I have used a lot to remotely control other system on my internal network and as the iPhone commercials say, there us an app for that. so I installed VNC server on the Mini and the client on my iPhone. I then wrote a couple scripts to activate and deactivate the webcam. Needless to say this worked great.

The problem I immediately occurred to me, it this works until I walk out of range of my wifi router. I then spent the next 1 hour or so configuring the Mini to host an ad hoc wireless network and connecting my iPhone to it. I wanted to secure the network, but for some reason the iPhone would ask for a username when I tried to connect, something that is not suppose to happen, so until I figure it out, Gargoyle One will have to be an open network. This afternoon, I plan to make my second run to see how things actually work in the field.

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