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Lets be clear here, I don’t hate Facebook and I am not really all that upset up about their privacy policies. The real bottom line is, if I were truly bent out of shape, I would have deleted my account by now. My real problem with it is Facebook is a distraction. Before I ransacked my account, I was looking through my posts, pictures, etc and realized I really wish I had posted all that stuff here. I pay for this website, granted I don’t pay much, but it is a yearly expenditure and I should use it for more than just the odd email address. On top of that Facebook is a rather limited medium, it is not really a blogging site, it is really more like TV or a magazine, in that they are really collecting eyes for advertisers and to boot, they are using us as free labor to produce the content our friends might be interested in reading and seeing. It is all actually quit clever.

As I have said in previous blog posts, Facebook is actually a useful tool for building a community of friends and family and I can say it has served me well as a communication tool. I also do enjoy reading other peoples posts and peeking into their lives. For this reason I do not want to delete my account altogether, but I also do not want Facebook to be my primary blog either, so the compromise becomes, Facebook is simply a placeholder that points here and people can still message me. I even setup notifications, so if I don’t get to Facebook for a few days, someone will not be waiting on me to respond to a message. To help me along the way, LifeHacker posted a nice little guide to How to Quit Facebook Without Actually Quitting Facebook.

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