Politics, FaceBook and Me

A picture from Facebook posted by a friend and peer at work, I disagreed with him on FaceBook and he asked me to provide some proof that this was wrong.

So first up, is those numbers. These numbers might be vaguely correct (but not really) of President Obama’s first budget had started on January 20th 2009, it did not. The last Bush Budget did not expire until September 30 2009.¬† By the time the last Bush Budget expired the national debt was already at 11.9 trillion dollars. What this means is George W. Bush was not only responsible for a nice hunk of the 6.307 trillion on the left side, but he was responsible for most of the 6.477 trillion on the right side. Go a head, check it out, I am telling the truth.


Next, I would like to have a look at the cause of the 3 trillion or so dollar increase in the national debt since then. Lets have a look at what the cost of continuing George W. Bush’s tax policies and wars versus new spending by President Obama.

These 2 charts paints a much different picture from the first graphic. What this means is, most of the deficit is coming from  continuing policies from the Bush administration, which presumably, my friend agrees with, tax cuts and the various middle east misadventures.

Edit: I am aware the number provided in the original graphic do not work when presented in context. The implication of the graphic is the national debt is 12.784 trillion dollars and 6.477 trillion of that is President Obama’s fault. If you compare those two numbers to the number provided in the link to the Department of Treasury, you see the national debt was at 6.2 trillion on 09/30/2002, which would have been when the first Bush Budget expired. the 12.784 trillion was not achieved until sometime between 09/30/2009 and 09/30/2010. In effect, the creator of that graphic is trying to blame the deficit spending of the Bush administration on President Obama. While I find it mildly amusing that someone went to this trouble, it is a lie and does not hold up to even cursory examination.

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