Who is the party of fiscal responsibility?

This is an interesting graph showing us just who really spends federal money like drunken sailors.

It seems interesting to me that during Republican Presidencies deficits don’t matter, but during Democratic Presidencies it is the single biggest issue that must be dealt with immediately, but not by raising taxes or cutting the military. Another oddity that sticks out here, is President George H.W. Bush was and still is reviled by his own party for his efforts to cut the deficit. I am sure I will hear some bullshit about both parties being equally bad, blah blah, but if you look at this chart, it is not even close to being true. Where the budget is concerned, there is one party that is drastically better than the other.

  1. look at the congresses behind them… the presidents issue and sign but congress and its uniparty blote the budget with every special interest possible. I find your faith in any political party disturbing. These are not the politicians you are looking for…

  2. LOL, It is true, the budget starts in the House of Representives, however the President proposes the budget for the exective branch (the largest part) and he can veto any bill he likes. I don’t remmeber Reagan vetoing any budget bills and I certainly don’t remember Bush II even threatening a veto until well into his 2nd term. On top of that, during Bush II, the Republicans contoled the White House, both houses of Congress and had a fairly pliant SCOTUS, they could have implented just about any budget they wanted and instead we got “Deficits don’t matter”. Now suddenly, during a Democratic Presidency it becomes neccessary to cut billions from the budget. What we are seeing here is that Republicans don’t really want to cut the budget, they like to spend money and they like to spend it on Republican projects like wars and tax cuts for the 1%. They like to deny money to Democratic projects like Social Security, Education, Public Assistance and the like. The Democratic party is at least willing to try to reduce the deficits and that is what this chart is really showing.

    As far as my fiath in political parties go, yeah our two party system sucks and yeah I could vote for a third party and in fact I have done so in the past and will do so in the future. However, if fiscal respnsibility is your primary issue, then the Republican party is not the party you should be voting for and that is my point.

  3. Well, I’ve yet to find a party that fits my beliefs….the closest is the libratarians but i have major problems with their view of the military and I don’t realy think that corps should be totally free to do what they want. I don’t think the government should take over 50% of what you make (including state and local) example new jersey,, new york where combined state fed an local for some tax brackets can reach over 70%. By the same token… If you are unable to work, I believe that society has the means to train you in a new area so that you can be productive. or if you become totally unable to work then we should provide food and shelter. There will always be those who slip through. What I cant abide by is when a group of people take up pseudo scientific beliefs, parade them as science law and try to enforce it on me. Honestly that goes for religious beliefs also. I also do not believe the feds need to legislate every thing to protect me from my self or others. The feds only job real job is to protect me from foriegn powers. so what am I…

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