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Since I am running a GURPS Game in a few weeks, I decided to sit down and do up a character in case I needed to help anyone with theirs. The character creation rules were 200 points, no disadvantages or quirks allowed. This is what I came up with, a fairly stock fighter type character. I took the Extra Attack advantage on the premise that the best defense is a good offense and being able to use two weapons would shorten my opponents life span by several turns, even if it meant forgoing the ability to block with a shield, which is the cheapest defense point wise.

Name: HighTower, Race: Human

Attributes [144]
ST 14 [40], DX 14 [80], IQ 10, HT 12 [20]

HP 16 [4], Will 10, Per 10, FP 12

Basic Lift 39, Damage 1d/2d

Basic Speed 6.5, Basic Move 6
Ground Move 6, Water Move 1

Advantages [30]
Ambidexterity [5], Extra Attack (1) [25]

Perks [1]
Honest Face [1]

Skills [25]
Area Knowledge (local) IQ/E – IQ+0 10 [1]
Brawling DX/E – DX+0 14 [1]
Broadsword DX/A – DX+2 16 [8]
Fast-Draw (Sword) DX/E – DX+0 14 [1]
Fast-Talk IQ/A – IQ+0 10 [2]
Knife DX/E – DX+2 16 [4]
Riding (Equines) DX/A – DX-1 13 [1]
Shield (Shield) DX/E – DX+2 16 [4]
Swimming HT/E – HT+0 12 [1]
Writing IQ/A – IQ+0 10 [2]

Stats [144] Ads [30] Disads [0] Quirks [0] Skills [25] = Total [200]

  1. Have you thought about a spiked shield, it would still allow you to take the extra attack, and give you the flexibility of having a shield.

  2. Interesting idea

  3. This is the sort of GURPS character I remember playing and liking. I have a friend here that is a GURPS fanatic and he would say your character is incomplete.

  4. Who am I to disagree with a GURPS fanatic. In my defence, I created this character in about 10 minutes with no real idea of what I wanted to play and pretty much went for an archetype.

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