More Election Year Fun

Well it looks like the GOP primary is all but over and as predicted Mitt Romney is now the presumptive nominee. Last fall Romney was about even with President Obama in the polls, now 6 months later, the President is leading Romney by healthy margins in all but the Fox News polls. To top it off, tens of millions of dollars in Super PAC money has been spent against Republicans, by Republicans, money that can not be spent against the President this fall. During this time, the President has been raising money for the general election and the Democratic Super PACs and been primed. I’d say all in all, the big winner of the GOP primary was President Obama. Of course Romney will get a bounce after the Convention and assuming his choice of VP is not a total disaster, he may get a bump there as well. So we may get a horse race out of this late in the fall, but I seriously doubt it. I suspect the President will maintain a healthy lead all through the election cycle.

Speaking of VP choices, I would like to suggest Santorum as a good VP candidate. I would love to see the GOP continue pushing the anti birth control platform. That has been working so well for them with women voters and I thought Santorum is just the guy to keep that going for them.

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