The lottery

As I am sure everyone knows the Super-Mego-Ultra-Nuclear-Lotto was up to half a billion dollars last night. So naturally, there was considerable talk about it at work. Both PezWitch and my own team each had Lotto Groups and we both threw in $5 each, her team collected $85, my team collect $40. Normally I am not a big believer in the lottery, in my mind it is a tax on the stupid and should generally be avoided. However the one thing to consider is, if you buy a lottery ticket, your chances of winning are astronomically low, however, if you don’t buy a ticket, it is ZERO. In this particular case, where there was a lot of talk around the office all day, in my estimation, it was worth the $10 to me, just to listen to my co-workers dreams. It is not often that you have so many people together all at once talking about things that make them happy and to see glimmers of hope as they threw done their $5 and put their name on the list. Over all, yesterday was a pretty good day and even though we didn’t win the millions, we did win in life, even if just for a brief few hours.

  1. of coarse i didn’t win.. but I too spent a buck. I figure if I can have cancer three times, and survive as long as I have, that maybe just once i could win the good side of a chance in hell .. LOL oh well. I don’t play very offten but at that amout.. eve if the tax rate was 90% I could have lived very well for my remaining days and still had extra to splurge on my friends and relatives.

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