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Apparently State Senator Bill Ketron and State Representative Judd Matheny of Tennessee want to demonstrate just how badly American schools teach the U.S. Constitution. Both of these men have introduced identical bills into the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives which, if passed, would outlaw the practice of Shariah law in the state of Tennessee and gives the State Attorney General the ability to investigate citizens who might be practising Shariah law.

Really quick, lets review what the Constitution has to say about religious freedom.

Amendment 1 – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Am I the only one who sees an issue here ? I understand that conservatives don’t really like the idea of multiculturalism. I understand that Christians as a rule tend to disdain other religions. I also understand this is a bill being introduced into a state legislature and not a federal level bill. But really, I mean seriously REALLY ? The good thing here is this bill will probably not pass, the sad thing is they are actually debating it instead of laughing these two idiots out of office.

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  1. yeah we are kind of having that problem here too…apparently we are to seceed from the union….

  2. Yeah we have our own secessionists here. It is kind of weird to see a crowd of people with American flags in one hand, signs that say “God Bless America” in the other, screaming “SECEDE ! SECEDE !” as our governor passes by. No lie, that has happened here, I witnessed it with my own eyes.

  3. As have I, dude. Man, people scare me here sometimes. And I’m a 6th Generation Texan.

  4. That’s odd, I didn’t realize beating your wife, stoning people to death or trying to force non-Muslims into a second class citizenship was protected by the Constitution. But I guess if your barbaric ways have a history of acceptance in the Middle East, even if they are blatantly immoral and infringe on other people’s rights, they have to be considered legitimate religious practices, and therefore must be considered acceptable. I guess I underestimated the ability of the Muslim apologists to convince the public at large that Sharia law isn’t that bad of a thing. To my fellow infidels and future Dhimmi brothers, Allahu Akbar! الله أكبر

  5. The constitution does not provide protection to practice a system of law that at nearly every turn violates what is understood to be basic human rights.
    Don’t think it’s that serious? Let’s refer to the Qur’an

    “Qur’an (18:26) – “[Allah] maketh none to share in his government.”

    Sharia is 2nd only to the Qur’an, and the Qur’an is 2nd only to Muhammad ((peace be upon him) yes this is required EVERY time you say his name)).

    Being of Western thought and ideals we think allowing the practice of Sharia in our nation(s) is a good idea and a win for our democracy but those who want Sharia see it as a victory in dismantling it.

    I too once thought Islam was a personal religion with parallels to the other Abrahamic religions. However after a year of intense study (of Muslim resources) I can only encourage you to do some study of Islam so you can learn the truth of the matter, Islam is not a religion but a geo-political ideal that seeks to keep all of mankind in the seventh century.
    Quick highlight reel:
    Infidels are the worst of creatures.
    Women are imbeciles.
    Menstruation is a sickness.
    Women are domestic animals and should be kept by the husband.
    Rocks for stoning should not be too large as to cause death too quickly.
    Islam: What the West Needs to Know (on Netflix streaming)
    The Truth about Muhammad (pbuh, lol) by Robert Spencer

  6. The problem is those things are already illegal. By specifically outlawing Shariah law you are also outlawing a lot of practices that are perfectly legal and even those actions that are exempted from the law can used against you to prove you are practising Shariah law. in 1862 the U.S.A passed the Morril Anti-Bigamy Act in response to a fast growing cult known as the Mormon Church which advocated polygamy, which many people felt was morally wrong. Congress did not outlaw the practice of Mormonism, Congress specifically outlawed polygamy. This is the way it should be done. Outlawing wife beating and stoning people to death is a good thing, outlawing washing your feet and facing Mecca to pray at the same time are bad things.

  7. Reading two athiest, Chuck and Carnifex, talking about legislating religion is amusing to me.

    I am glad they are not in the same room, they both have very strong convictions and I’m not sure I would survive the firestorm that would ensue.

  8. Here is the actual text of the bill

    I don’t think this bill is worth much, but as Sharia is defined in the bill it applies to organizations that espouse the overthrow of the government and replacing the current constitutional form of government with a politico-religous system based upon Islamic tenets. I don’t see where that is violates the 1st Amendment. They aren’t being denied their right to practice their religion they just can’t advocate overthrow of the government. It’s stupid in that that issue is covered in about 16,000,000,000 other laws but constitutional in my opinion.

  9. My question if why are they limiting the law to politico-religious systems based upon Islamic tenets ? Why not outlaw all organizations which advocates the over throw of the government ?

  10. I couldn’t possible answer that or why they feel they need this law since it’s already illegal to attempt to overthrow the government. My only point is that it’s probably not a violation of the 1st Amendment which is the main issue you brought up in your post.

  11. I asked the question to point out that it appears to be an attack on a specific religion. This is what makes the law problematic. By limiting the scope of the law to the Islamic religious system, they are in effect making perfectly legal actions (Constitutionally protected actions) into suspicious behaviour, which is I think the real purpose of the law. Essentially, they are making being Muslim grounds for an investigation, which is very much unconstitutional in the same way it is unconstitutional to start an investigation into child molesting based solely on the fact that the target is a Catholic priest.

  12. I don’t think your analysis stands. A good example is “Christian” White Identity Churchs which are routinely and extensively investigated by the FBI under laws that are very narrowly tailored to insure that they are only ones targeted.

  13. Do those laws make the practice of adhering to Christian doctrine a basis for investigation or does the group have to engage in other activities to come under investigation ?

  14. we have the legal right to over throw the government it is called the right to VOTE

  15. The vast majority of mainstream Christians maintain that followers of White Supremacist Theology are outside the tenets of Christianity. CAIR and other Muslim advocacy groups claim that those who advocate violent Jihad and the imposition of Shar’ia law on non-Muslim countries are outside the mainstream. So the analogy is correct. The law as written specifically states it is not intended to quell the peaceful practice of Islam it’s only purpose is to target groups advocating the violent overthrow of the government (and voting is not a violent activity). Now you can make the case that an overzealous prosecutor may try and target Muslims who are peacefully practicing their religion. It may happen whether or not this bill passes, but that is what courts are for. To rein in those types of abuse.

  16. I have yet to hear a male Muslim vocally and publicly denounce violent jihad. I have heard many Muslim females denounce jihadist violence. There is a Muslim community here in Billings. I publicly state that Islam is my enemy as Islam does not promote tolerance of religions other then Islam. If they practiced Islam with tolerance I would be more tolerent toward Islam.

  17. Yes I have a copy of the Qu’ran. Its far easier to read then the book of Mormon.

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