Porn and me (NSFW)

I have lately been talking a lot about games and some about FaceBook. This blog is not really meant to concentrate on just a few subjects, but RPG’s and Computers are very meaningful in my life, so I have a lot to say about them. However, when I was setting up wordpress for this site, I added two tags; “Pornography” and “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll”, so I obviously meant to speak about these subjects. As of yet I have not, but as of now, I am going to change that.

I am not what one would call  porn obsessive. I own one porn DVD, a single copy of Playboy magazine and perhaps three issues of Penthouse Forums. I have the first three issues Phil Folgio XXXenophile comic and the first four Omaha the Cat Dancers trade paperbacks. In my bookmarks, I have TinyNibbles, Fleshbot and Erotica section. That is pretty much it. Some of you hardcore porn consumers will probably point out all of this stuff is pretty tame and it is. It should also be obvious, since I am posting this on my blog that PezWitch is fully aware of my collection, such as it is.

Those of you who have known me across multiple decades, know I worked at a porn shop in Bozeman Montana, the store use to be known as Ms Kitty’s, but has since changed names to Erotique, it is now owned by my friend Billy. If you are passing through Bozeman, stop in and say hello. I think working there gave me a healthy perspective on sex, eliminated my social guilt about sex, broke me of my childish homophobia, opened my mind to the possibilities and generally made me a better person. Working there was probably the best job I ever had, although it took me some years to figure that out.

Much like my definition of art, my definition of porn is simple. Any picture, video, audio or writing, in which I loose all interest in as soon as I have finished masturbating, is porn. It really is not all that complicated. Now you might be asking, what is erotica and how does it differ from porn. The difference between porn and erotica is also fairly simple. While porn is a masturbatory tool, erotica can be other things, it can be funny or adventurous, it can be titillating or strange, whatever it is, should invoke some emotional response other than to make you horny, although the very best erotica will do that was well.

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