A bad day for bigots everywhere

Today the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy which keeps gay military personal from serving openly has went down in flames. This another win for the good guys. I look forward to seeing gay marriage becoming legal in the next few years so we can start openly ridiculing homophobes the same way we ridicule racists today.

  1. This issue finally being decided is long over due. It should have been dealt with 15 years ago. however: the term bigot applies to as many on left as on the right, and not just in gay/lesbian and race issues.

  2. Well that is good as it really did not bother me except for two times. As a fresh not so experienced airman recently assigned to the 437th Aerial Port Squadron back in 1986 I worked grave shift Retrograde. Remember my words Fresh and I mean no knowledge of anything sexual as I was a virgin then and from rural Gerogia.

    It was 3am and I was released early from my shift and decided to take a shower in my communal female barracks and walked into the shower as two of my fellow female airman pulled away from an intimate moment. Hell, it was July and I absolutely stank and quickly washed and left the couple wondering if I should report it. I quickly washed and got the hell out out of there. Eww after all I was from rural Ga. and it was two women and I was 17. I decided not to and found out later that there was a few couples that was fairly open and everyone ignored it. I really did not care as they were competent and did not hit on me.

    Second time was with my supervisor who was bi and approached me when our husbands were TDY during Operation Just Cause. We had got togather for drinks and I went to her house to watch a movie when she hit on me saying I was beautiful. It took me a moment to realize what was happening before I quickly excused myself and said. “Look at the time, it’s time to go.” And I quickly left.

    Needles to say it was a bit awkward between us for a time when we were on duty together.

    I have no problem with it as long as they keep their orientation to themselves and approach individuals that are like minded. I served with many fine homosexuals and lesbians during my 15 years of service and firmly believe that all Americans regardless of orientation that want to serve their country should, despite sexual orientation.

  3. I would argue those situations had nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the people involved, their actions were inappropriate regardless of the gender mix.

  4. True, But those things have happened, will happen, and continue to happen. I am in full support of any American, no matter their orientation be given the right to serve. It is every American’s inherent right, bar a felony to be able to serve their country.

    My husband is all end of the world as he pictures off duty servicemen wearing dresses off duty around base as I told him I do not think that will happen and reminded him that if someone was hit on inappropriately then the normal channels of sexual harassment would be open. He just snorted and muttered. “Damn Liberals.”

    I assured him that cats would not get along with dogs etc.

    I do love him though….

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