To blog, or not to blog ?

My niece just asked if she was interesting enough to blog, to quote her Facebook entry, “I wonder if I am interesting enough to write a blog, if I could come up with enough to say, then again would anyone read it”. A few months ago, I wrote a rather lengthy article about blogging for profit, but I have never talked about blogging for fun, which is what I do here, I have no profit motive nor any agenda to speak of. I blog for the same reason other people use Myspace and Facebook, it is a method of keeping other people involved in my life. There are two rules for blogging, first write from the heart and second, write often.

Writing from the heart is important because you are not writing to entertain or for money or for a political purpose, you are writing because you want people to see and understand who you are and what makes you tick. If you are writing to entertain or for money or for a political purpose then stop reading this and go read “How to make money on the Internet” instead. You need to bear a bit of your soul here, I am not saying you should reveal your deepest darkest secrets, I am saying you should talk about things that make you happy, things that make you sad, things that make you mad. Talk about the things that make you human show your passion for life. If you have actually read this blog at all, you have seem many aspects of my personality. You have seen me as a Tech, as Gamer, as a Political animal, as Philosopher and as a Horny old goat. These are the things that make me what I am, even the moments of silly, like strapping the computer to my back and mounting a webcam on my shoulder.

The second rule of blogging, is blog often. If you post once a month, no one is going to go out of their way to read your blog. Ideally, you need to post everyday, but 3-4 time a week works as a nice medium. Even if you don’t have anything to talk about, then write 300 words about not having anything to talk about, post a picture of yourself doing something, link to an article on the Internet you thought was interesting. If you really really don’t feel like blogging this week, tough, do it anyway, if you don’t feel well, tell us you don’t feel well.

The bottom line is, if you blog, they will come. For god sakes there is a guy who setup a webcam to snap a picture of his cats every time they go through the cat door and posts it to Twitter, he has thousands of followers. So as long as you post and you post from the heart, chances are good, someone will read it.

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