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Happy February 29th

It is leap year and today is the bonus day we get once every four years. You’d think they would make this an automatic day off for everyone, but no, our corporate overlords can’t allow us to have too much fun. Sigh!

Oh io9, how I love thee

I believe this is proof positive that Farts are in fact very funny, in spite of what mainstream culture tries to force on us as “Appropriate”.

Dinosaurs I am a bit meh on, but bikini babes will always draw me to a website.–the-internets-new-strangest-site

My Mom has a computer now

For almost 2 decades my mothers method of sending me an email has been to tell my sister to email me about whatever subject she needed addressed. This worked well for us. However, recently my sister got the brilliant idea of getting my Mom a computer and turning her loose on the Internet. It is not bad enough that my Aunt Doris is on the Internet and I had to friend her on FaceBook, but now my Mom is there too. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, she a living saint, she raised 5 children as a single mother and none of us to my knowledge is an axe murderer. I am just somewhat unsettled about about the whole thing, I mean can’t we pass a law or something that forbids people who have children to get on the Internet after said children have reached the age of 21?


Mr Beer, Batch Two

So my second batch of beer was officially ready today, The first this is I am grateful I went for the smaller bottles this time, those huge 32 oz bottles are sometimes a bit much. Second, this beer has a much heavier taste than my first batch. Of course that is to be expected, the first batch was a light pale beer made more or less exactly the way the instructions told me to. The second batch is a dark Oktoberfest beer and I used honey instead of sugar to give it a heavier more earthy flavor. I am very pleased with the results. Unfortunately, I am going to have to hold off on making more beer for a while, I have a refrigerator full of it and I don’t drink beer all that fast.

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New Theme

After a recent update, my old theme did not display correctly under Firefox, everything seemed to shift to the right for some reason and I was unable to alter the style sheet in such a way as it looked good and fixed the issue. WordPress frankly has so many themes there really is no reason to fuck around with one for too long before just switching to another one that looks better. And anyway, I am really not all that concerned about theme anyway, I have just a one or two real concerns, which are mostly about readability.

On Politics and Taxes

I just finished doing my taxes this morning. Ah the joys of adulthood. 2011 was actually one of my better years. PezWitch and I made considerably more money than we have in a very long time and our tax return reflected this. We are getting about $1500 back, which is nice and as I think about it, if Congress had let the Bush era tax cuts expire last year like they should have, my return would have probably been around $900. That would have still been more money than I got back last year and the deficit the Republicans seem to hate so much, would be shrinking and we could be discussing how to fix Social Security instead of how to destroy it.

While I am thinking about politics, I’d like to thank the Republicans for providing their party with such low quality primary candidates and a long messy primary season which will inevitably leave whoever the ultimate candidate is broke and bloodied by his own party. To make things even better, every dollar spent by those “Citizen United” Republican super PAC’s against their own party members, is a dollar they can not spend against President Obama this fall.

Life is good right now.

Edit:I would also like to say I oppose Catholic Bishops attempting to impose their 13th century morality on 21st century women. The Supreme Court has already ruled on this issue in the case of United States v. Lee – 455 U.S. 252 (1982). Simply put, religion is no excuse for not obeying the law. I would also point out that 20+ States already have requirements for health insurance policies to cover birth control, Catholic organizations in those states have been complying with those requirements for years and absolutely no Catholic Bishops sounded a single objection in that time. These Catholic Bishops need to wake up and take a good look around, a national survey recently showed 98% of Catholic women have used birth control, their own parish members do not support this ridiculous agenda. So please,Catholic Bishops, STFU. Thank you.

The Suck

Hot on the tail of the suck that was the Star Trek:TOS/Legion of Superheroes Comic book cross over, the same company is getting set to do a Star Trek:TNG/Dr Who cross over.

Please!, for the love of god, STOP. This is going be bad, REALLY REALLY BAD. I implore you IDW please don’t do it. I know you think this is going to make you millions and the writer who is vomiting this garbage out thinks he is going to get a movie deal, but neither of those things are going to happen, because this idea SUCKS! The Star Trek:TOS/Legion of Superheroes cross over would have been considered bad even if you had posted it to a fanfic site instead of convincing DC to let you use their intellectual property.

Stop, Just Stop.

Big D-Bags of History

So here is my question. How big of a douche bag does one have to be to demand to see a manager of the restaurant before you have even been seated? Seriously, the wait time was exactly ZERO, it was a family restaurant on a busy Friday night, so there were some noisy kids, but frankly, there was nothing obvious to complain about. As far as I can tell, this guy was either an asshole or could see the future. Either way, I wish he would have went to a different place.

RE: Second batch of beer

My second batch of beer went into the refrigerator yesterday to start the cold lagering process. This process will take another 2 weeks. PezWitch stole one of the bottles before it went into the frig to use in her new sourdough starter. I am very much looking forward to this batch, I hope it is as good as I think it is going to be. If it is decent, it will probably be my last for a while, as I still have more than half of my first batch left and I want to clear out everything before I start on #3.