Daily Archives: January 3, 2011

Funny 80′s pictures

Recently my sister posted a bunch of pictures of her and her friends from the early 80′s. She also added some family pictures. Fortunately I came out pretty good, no pictures of me in my underwear or visibly stoned, drunk or otherwise reality challenged. I can not say the same for some others. To show I am a good sport, I am re-posting one of the pictures she posted. This picture was taken in probably 30 years and 100 lbs ago. I have no idea why I was dressed up, I only wore that suit like three times, so I am guessing a funeral. More interesting is the 80′s mustache, god I loved that mustache, it was a power unto itself,  PezWitch denies it, but she knows deep down, the mustache was what drew her to me and I am certain it ended the cold war as well. All men should be so lucky as to have had an 80′s mustache.