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This is not in the Cub Scout Handbook

For those of you who fancy yourselves adventurers, here is some must have knowledge.


I am particularly fascinated by the steam powered lava surf board.

Review: Jennifer Government

Jennifer Government starts out as standard dystopian future fare, where the corporations have taken over to the point where people take their employers company name as their last name and being unemployed makes you a non-person in almost every regard. The book is well written and there are a few scenes in the book which are genuinely funny and/or exciting. While the book is a good read, there is very little here that is new or fresh, John Nike is a stock Mega Corp Villain who will do anything to make a profit, including murder and kidnapping. Jennifer Government is a basic tough chic who will stop at nothing to bring John Nike down. Reading other reviews of the book, some readers have complained the book pokes fun at libertarian political thought, I am not so sure. Yes, the antagonist was a greedy bastard, but the other corporate tools eventually drew the moral line and cut John Nike loose. The implication being the corporations ultimately didn’t need the Government to force them to do the right thing, they did it by themselves. If you like near future soft SciFi, this is a decent read.