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Review: Your Dungeon is Suck

Your Dungeon is Suck, is a blog and that is about the only positive thing I can say about it. Basically Mr Yourdungeonissuck makes fun of companies, authors and bloggers who specialize in the Old School Renaissance (OSR) RPG niche, however he does attack gamers in general on a regular basis. I gather from reading his blog, he thinks he is funny and clever, he is neither, I personally find him to be boorish and uninteresting. While he is in his own angry little way, expressive, his skill at writing is technically poor and adolescent in style. As far as I can tell he contributes nothing of value to the discussion of RPG’s.

I am not sure what Mr Yourdungeonissuck’s issue is, but my guess is he is one of the handful of self righteous holier than thou bloggers who received a smack down when TARGA refused to disassociate itself from Zak Smith over his “I Hit It With My Axe” series because his players are strippers and pornstars. If this is the case, he is not handling the rejection of his ideology very well. I suppose it is also possible he is a failed RPG writer himself and is simply venting his anger on those who have acquired some amount of success or respect within the hobby, but I think that would be cliché.

Happy Halloween Everyone, have fun and be safe.

Trick or Treat

Felicia Day is not the most beautiful woman in the world, but she is quirky cute, talented and deserves the attention she is getting on the Internet and from nerdom in general. For those not initiated, she writes, directs and acts in her own web series The Guild. She also did a couple of episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which lead directly to staring in Joss Whedon’s Dr Horrible Sing A-Long. In this picture she is dressed as Codex, the World of Warcraft character played by Cyd Sherman, the character she plays in the Guild. Nothing like a little double immersion role playing to confuse everyone.

Because playing Magic the Gathering is just like this

Comic Con Austin is having a Magic the Gathering Tournament, with a $5000 purse. I use to play a mean game of Magic some years ago, but it has been at least 12 years since I played it seriously. I was being wish washy about joining the tournament, but after seeing this picture I am definitely joining up. The game is certainly more interesting than I remember it being.

Facebook Theme for WordPress Blogs

I am considering a new theme for my blog. I picked this theme because I liked the calm colors and rounded edges, but some have complained it is difficult to read and hard on the eyes. I have been considering a theme which makes WordPress blogs look more or less like FaceBook. Now I am certainly no fan of the FaceBook look and feel, but I do like how comments are handled, with comments displayed right there under the post along with an editing box, and that feature is not available in a whole lot of themes. A Facebook style theme would also add a level of familarity to my site, which I hope will make people more comfortable.

Have a look at the mock up and tell me what you think.

My Computer

Well, amazingly enough I went back to using my old computer full time. The Inspirion 1505 is a solid workhorse machine that seems to have everything in the right place. The Nvidia video chipset makes a huge difference both in rendering nice looking video and just all around good performance. For some reason the Intel chipset of the newer 1545 did not like Linux and did not like my Dell monitor, when I hooked up the 1505 to do some updates I was stunned at how much nicer the display was. So I wiped the drive of the 1545 and put Windows 7 on it, I figure it will be useful as a walking around computer and it plays World of Warcraft decently well, so maybe PezWitch will adopt it since she does not have a laptop right now, or maybe I will sell to one of my friends who needs a cheap laptop. As for me, I will be sticking with the old girl for a while longer. Of course my long term problem is how do I find a new laptop with a decent video chipset.

Rise of the Techno Peasant

Over at Cracked they have an article about how the future will be ruled by bull shit.

The basic idea is everything above the lowest block on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can basically be had online for free. This not only feeds into the “Information wants to be free” mantra of just a few years ago, but also gives evidence of a theory I have been rolling around in my head for the last year or so. I think we are witnessing the birth of a new demographic, we are seeing the rise of the Techno Peasant, people who have little wealth in the real world, but live full, exciting and passionate lives online.

When I examine my life, I discover, I no longer need to buy newspapers or magazines, I don”t have to go to the movie theatre or a movie rental place, heck, I don’t even need cable TV any more. I live over a thousand miles from my family, but I regularly communicate with them and the emotional bump of my fathers death, was for me, played out on Facebook. My best friends are the guys I play HackMaster online with every Friday night. The only significant relationship I have that is not primarily online is my Wife PezWitch. I live the bulk of my life online and even if I lost everything today, as the article said, I could continue that life for the price of a $300 netbook and a $20 a month Internet connection. So yes, for me, everything above that lowest tier on the Maslow chart, is free online or so close to free as it does not really matter.Saturday afternoon softball games and cocktail parties have been replaced by World of Warcraft raids.

Green Lantern the Movie

I was not very enthusiastic about Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. I do not think Reynolds was even close to a good choice, his goof ball persona does not work for me. Now seeing this picture of the Green Lantern Power Battery, all I can say is, Really, is this the best you can do ? I really hope this movie is at least watchable. Green Lantern has been my favorite comic book character for decades. The whole “Born without Fear” thing was very appealing to a small nerd boy who was always afraid of everything. Unfortunately, I have a very bad feeling about how this movie is going to turn out.

Bad ideas: Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake

Let me be completely clear:

A remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, should not, under any fucking circumstance, ever, Ever, EVER, be made !

Post #150

I was bored yesterday afternoon and snapped pictures of the area around my desk. I am sure my co-workers will not appreciate me for posting their pictures, but oh well.

David, he sits on my left.

Derek, who sits in the cube behind me.

Mary, who sits to my right.

Countdown to Comic Con Austin

Comic Con Austin is now less than a month away. The tickets have been purchased, hotel has been booked, vacation time has been approved, all systems are go. It has been way too long since the last time I attended a genre convention. I have wanted to attend a Comic Con for a long time and I can not begin to describe how excited I am. Now if they could just get a GenCon Austin going my life would be complete.