Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

Google Chrome

Being a full time Linux user for the last decade, I have seen her default browser move from Netscape/Mozilla to Firefox. The problem was, back in the day, Mozilla was not broken, in fact it was very stable, functional browser, Firefox was bright shiny, new and above all else fast. However, Firefox was buggy and unstable, it really did not get usable until version 2.x. Now, Firefox is stable and nicely usable, though it is not a spry as it once was. Now there is a growing movement to replace Firefox with Chrome, which is bright, shiny, new and displays pages a few milliseconds faster than Firefox, but is buggy and only barely stable enough to use.

In a few years, Chrome will hit 3.x and guess what, it will be slow fat and bloated, probably worse than Firefox is right now. It will get this way, because in order to compete with Internet Exporer, Firefox and Opera, they will have to keep adding features. With each new feature, the code base will increase and Chrome will loose a millisecond off the benchmark. In the mean time, someone else, in response to Chromes bloat, will start a new browser project and the cycle will begin again. I of course have other concerns with Chrome, Google is a large corporation whose sole function in existance is to make money and they make most of their money from selling advertisements. This brings into question thier motivation for building a browser in the first place.

I personally will be sticking with Firefox, even if my Linux distro of choice moved to Chrome. The fact is, Firefox is a true open source project, Chrome is not.  If the Mozilla foundation goes evil, the Firefox code base can be forked, in fact it already has been forked into IceWeasle and SwiftFox.With Chrome, there will awalys be the very real threat that Google will take its ball and go home, making Chrome a closed proprietary program in much the same way Internet Explorer is. Besides, once Chrome becomes bloated, the browser that comes after will be way cooler anyway.

Update: Okay, I was informed that Google Chrome is in fact upto version 5 and my prediction of a slow and bloated 3.x version did not come true. My rebuttle is simple, Google needs to hire a math teacher for thier programers, because they misplaced the decimal place, the new version of Chrome is actually x.5, not 5.x.