Daily Archives: May 22, 2010

Behind the Screen

Bruce wrapped up his run as GM for our HackMaster group last night, which means, after a short and much needed break, I am the GM again. I enjoyed playing, Zymmer is a beautifully subtle character and I reached my goal of getting him to 9th level, making him officially, my most successful character ever. However, as pathetic as it is, GMing is what I was born to do, no I was not born to be a Computer Tech, sometimes I despise computers with a fury hell like hatred. Nope, chucking dice behind the screen, weaving stories and gently pushing characters to their destinies is the thing I was meant to do.

So anyway, a couple of month ago I was having one of those conversations with myself in my head (don’t judge me) and I realized Bruce and Thor had been playing the game for 30 years and neither of them had a character above probably 10th level and in fact, I did not have a character over 10th level either. I think after 30 years of play, one deserves a ridiculously high level character with a ridiculously powerful magic item. So I laid down the ground work for a  group of characters 6th-8th level at the start, they all have  one character in that range, Bruce and Thor have at least two or three. The campaign would last for grueling 2 years, probably the longest campaign any of us has ever run and the plan is to add four levels in the first year and four levels in the second year. After Bruce wrapped up the game last night and a short discussion, the players decided on their starting line up.

As you can see, as always, the party tends to be Fighter heavy, but lets face it, contrary to popular belief, fighters are the funnest class to play, everyone likes to bash orc skull now and again. In spite of that, this is a good mix of characters and a decently balanced group. There is a good chance I think at least one of them will make 16th level and once we break the 10th level ceiling, the campaign should take on a different vibe as the characters move from gritty low fantasy Conan style play, into a more cinematic Elric style of high fantasy. It should be fun.