Daily Archives: May 8, 2010

New Computer

Two weeks ago I got a new computer to replace my aging Inspirion 1505. It is nothing fancy, a very basic system, because I don’t believe in over spending on these things. I love new computers, I love installing a fresh copy of linux and tweaking all the desktop setting to get it the way I like it. Getting a new computer is like spring cleaning, opening all the windows and sweeping all the dust out of the corners of the house. PezWitch laughed at me, because I said, I would leave Windows 7 on the system for a couple days, in case I had to call Tech Support, but Windows 7 didn’t last an hour on the system, I will not get into my agitation over Windows 7.

So for the first time in memory, I finally have enough hard drive space. Right now, my personal data adds up to an impressive 70 GB, add in the OS and applications and my old 100 GB drive was almost filled up. The new system has a 250 GB drive, which means plenty of free space. Unfortunately, the system only came with 2 GB of RAM, the prices of memory are ridiculously high, so I pulled the pair of 2 GB sticks from my old system (they are less than a year old) and slapped them in the new one. As a bonus I finally get to try out 64bit Linux.