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Sexism and the Hi Tech industry

My friend wrote a really good piece on sexism, I especially liked;

 ”I am far from Mr. Office Decorum and I’ll tell you I would have fired every person imvolved (or better, done like the Romans and have them draw beads then crucify every tenth one in the parking lot as a warning to others).”

I just have to ask – What the hell kind of place are these people working at?

Chad and I disagree on a wide variety of subjects, but one thing we both agree on is the need to all organization to maintain discipline within the ranks.

NSA, encryption and me

Every year I go to the hassle of renewing my PGP keys. I have done this every year for at least 10 years, I dutifully post my public key on my website and I lave a link to it in the signature of my most of my emails. In that time, not a single person has ever used it for anything, nor has anyone ever asked me to use PGP, or even exchange keys. I expect this from normal not paranoid type of people, but I know plenty of Conspiracy Theorists and none of them use it either. I also expected to see more people want to use encryption with the recent revelations concerning the NSA, but again, nothing. Learning curve and technological barriers are not really an excuse, making a key pair and using them is trivial these days, anyone can do it nearly seamlessly.

Sex, violence and hangups

It is interesting that as a whole, everyone hates violence and everyone likes sex. I mean there are a few deviants out there who do not fall into these categories, but really they are few and far between and the truth remains. This probably does not surprise anyone and I doubt anyone would argue it with me. So my question is, if everyone hates violence and likes sex, why do we have so many hangup about sex and so few about violence?

Case in point, I can spend all day Saturday watching all manner slasher flicks and war movies, go to work on Monday and tell everyone this is what I did and no one will bat an eyelash. However, if I spend all day Saturday watching porno, then went to work on Monday and talked about the porn marathon, everyone would think there was something wrong with me. Why is that?

Another case in point, showing someone being graphically murdered in a movie might get you a PG-13 rating, but with a little push back could probably get it set to PG. Show some bare breasts and it is automatic NC-17 rating and you might be able to pull off an R if you are lucky. Why is that?

It is extremely easy to find studies and cases of people suffering longer mental illness due to violence, even if the violence was not perpetrated directly against that person, PTSD anyone. I think you would have a really hard time finding many instances where a bare breast or an exposed penis directly caused anyone to need long term therapy. Someone is getting shot on TV every single night of the week, no one raises an eyebrow, but Janet Jackson has a wardrobe malfunction, a partial nipple can be seen for like 2 seconds and it might as well have been the apocalypse. Why is that?

Shall I go on or does everyone understand my confusion?

Carnifex on Duck Dynasty guy

So this bigot goes on TV and and likens homosexuality to bestiality, bigot then gets suspended from said TV show (and will likely be fired) and queue rightwing rants. So here is my take on the subject.

1. This is not a 1st amendment issue. The first amendment protects him from the government, not a privately held company.

2. A&E is a business, and as such has the right to decide who represents their brand. They made the business decision that bigotry is a loosing business strategy, and acted within that framework.

3. Duck Dynasty guy is absolutely within his rights to be a bigot, however A&E is not obligated to purchase him a soapbox on which to deliver his message. If he wants to buy TV time and spew his hatred, fine good luck with that, but A&E should not be forced to provide him with airtime.

4. Again Duck Dynasty guy is absolutely within his rights to be a bigot, however he should be prepared to deal with the consequence of his bigotry, if you have an unpopular view, you should not be surprised that people react negatively towards you when you express said unpopular belief.

Waxing Nostalgic

So last night we did not play our Friday night game. Chad was not at home and had some difficulties getting set up on his laptop and David was MIA with no explanation. We bullshitted around for a couple hours, then went our separate ways. Towards the end of the conversation, Chad mentioned every year he gets this urge to burn everything down, run away and start over. I thought this was really interesting, because I have similar feelings this time of year. Its not that I hate my life or anything like, its more like a wanderlust, a deep seated need to explore what’s over the horizon. At first I attributed this to both of us being born and bred in Montana. The winters in Montana when we were growing up made the whole state a prison. When it is -30 degrees from November to February, you just can not go anywhere or do anything. Sure you can go out and build a snow man etc, but you can only stand the cold for so long before you have to go back in. It is called cabin fever and it sucks.

Chad brought up an alternate theory, he felt the problem was when we were growing up there was still mysteries in the world. There were places literally no man had ever been. It was a world were every couple of years they would find a World War II Japanese soldier in a jungle somewhere unaware the war was over. When we were growing up the world still offered adventure and this is what we are feeling, the need to have an adventure, to explore the jungle or ride a submarine to the bottom of the sea, or climb Mt Everest. Somewhere deep inside our 50 year old hearts, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are aching to get out and see the world, meet new people, discover some great treasure of history, maybe fight a sword dual and swing on a vine across a jungle canopy. This struck a cord with me, I have said many times, I am now and will always be in my heart a 14 year old boy.

I just can’t win

I just cannot catch a fucking break.

Why a nerd should never hookup with a mundane

This week a really cool statue of a Star Wars At-AT went up for sale for $16,000. Later in the week it came out the guy was getting rid of it because his girlfriend did not like it. This reminded me of a similar instance from a few years ago where a mans girlfriend made him get rid of a life sized World of Warcraft Orc. Martin Fillery (owner of the AT-AT) really needs to try and contact Robert Cushnie (former owner of the Orc) and find out how his relationship proceeded afterwords. I tried to look for a follow up article, but I found none, so I can not say for sure what happened to Robert’s relationship, but I can make some pretty good guesses based on what little I know.



Here is a piece of advise for everyone in relationship and thinking, this is the one. First off, your partner needs to love and respect you for who you are. If your partner is trying to make tectonic changes in your life, you are most definitely with the wrong person. Its okay to buy you a new shirt or ask you to see a movie you might not otherwise goto, that is no big deal, its the way of it. However if you wake up one day and find you hate all the cloths in your closet, have not heard a decent song in months and all your stuff is in storage, I have some really bad news for you.

Why Raylan Alleman is Wrong

Okay, this one sure brought the afternoon up to a boil with PezWitch. Go read this, then come back.


So your back now and if you are anything other than a recently thawed Neanderthal this probably bothered you at least a little bit. I don’t really care that he thinks sending his son to college is an excellent idea, but is wasted money on his daughters. It is his money, he earned it, he can spend it anyway he wants. What irks me here is he is pretending that he is not “Against educating women” and he is not for “Oppressing women” when in fact this is exactly what he is preaching here. So lets go down his list, shall we.

1. She will attract the wrong types of men: Yes, yes she will attract the wrong type of men. It is a well known phenomenon that fathers hate most of the men their daughters date. Yes, she will likely date some bad boys, this is also a well known phenomenon that young girls like the bad boys. The bad news is there is nothing you can do about this except lock her up in the basement chained to the wall. The good news is she will learn from her mistakes and eventually meet someone who is right for her and makes her happy.

2. She will be in a near occasion of sin: This is another one you have no real control over, unless you are willing to cross the line from concerned parent to chains on the basement wall type of crazy. Look, by the time they reach 14 or 15 all you can hope for is that you have taught them enough common sense not to have sex and if they do to make sure it is safe sex. If you did not do that college age is waaayyy to late to be worried about it. If your daughter is inclined to have sex, it is a good bet she has already gotten the T-Shirt by the time she gets to college age. If you have taught her well and she has all the intellectual and emotional tools she needs to navigate the rough waters of youthful romances, then you really have nothing to worry about.

3. She will not learn to be a wife and mother: Uhm so what? Its not the job of the college to teach a woman to be a wife and mother. If you are as good a parent as you believe yourself to be, then chances are good she has had the best training she can possibly have to be a wife and mother, she has had good role models. If on the other hand you were a cold, distant father and your wife is overbearing and judgemental, then you are right, she is going to have a hard time with this one.

4. The cost of a degree is becoming more difficult to recoup: This applies to sons as well as daughters, if money is really the issue here then you should be discouraging your sons from going to college as well.

5. You don’t have to prove anything to the world: This is true, you don’t have anything to prove to the world. But you should know that the world thinks you are kind of creepy.

6. It could be a near occasion of sin for the parents: Re-read #4, this applies to sons as well as daughters. If you are unable to go into debt for your daughters education, then you should should not go into debt for your son either.

What’s really wrong with America


The end of summer

So here we are, its Labor day again and as always, I did absolutely nothing I wanted to do. We are now headed into the Fall months, which are historically the months I hate the most. Oh I love Halloween and PezWitch’s birthday is usually fun, but really that is just two days out of the 90+ odd days that constitute the Fall season. Winter is nice, My birthday, our anniversary, Christmas and New years all are fun and we both enjoy the holiday season. Spring is when I start feeling frisky and want to smoke dope, get naked and fuck on the beach, even if I don’t do it (Damn you puritan society!), It feels good to think about it. The comes the long hot days of summer, the time of the year I like the most and the cycle begins again. Sigh!