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RE: Windows 7 and Magic: The Gathering

So here I am in my first week of using Windows 7 and it does not completely suck. I am annoyed that I must now care about malware and such, but otherwise things have went smoothly. My only real comment at this point is Windows is not a very amusing operating system.

The thing that has brought me back to my Magic: The Gathering addiction is, PezWitch, for whatever reason thought it was a good idea to buy me Duels of the Planeswalker PC Game. This is the moral equivalent of giving a recovering alcoholic a drink and saying, “Just have one, it won’t hurt.”. We will see how she feels about this when I have spent our life’s savings trying to acquire a special edition foil wrapped Black Lotus.

Game of the Year Awards

Video Game Awards have been announced and I am unsure why Skyrim won over all Game of the Year and why Bethesda won Studio of the year.

If you look at the stats – Portal 2 won Best PC Game, Best MultiPlayer, Best DLC, Best Voice Performance Male, Best Voice Performance Female and all Skyrim won was Best RPG. Portal 2 was nominated in 10 categories (twice in Best Voice Performance Male and also twice in Best Song in a Game) and Skyrim was nominated 3 times. It is obvious Portal 2 and Valve were the better choices for over all GOTY and SOTY respectively.

And I’m not nerd-raging about this, I am just confused.

(Blizzard did win the Gamer God Catagory which made me happy, I am a Blizz Fan Girl after all.)

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Tonight at midnight PezWitch’s WoW account will activate her download copy of Cataclysm. At that time, full control of all the remotes in the house will be mine, for at least 2-3 weeks. I will be able to watch full episodes of Star Trek without complaints of “You’ve seen this one already.”. I might even get around to watching some softcore porn. Wait do I even own any softcore porn ? If I don’t, I will have to buy some. I wonder if Netflix has any ?

Finally, a laptop to satisfy PezWitch

The Origins System EON17 laptop is a monster system starting at $2500. It has an i7 processor, 2 NVIDIA 480M video cards in SLI, 24 GB of RAM, Blu-Ray optical drive and three hard drives. My guess is this machine gets about 3 minutes of battery life, but who cares, this thing will laugh at you for playing World of Warcraft and demand you put a worthy game in it.



Battle.net, RealID and Facebook

In the near future, Blizzard games is going to be forcing the forum users to use RealID. The effect is, anyone wanting to use their forums will be revealing their real names to everyone on the forum and of course thanks to Google and Yahoo, they will be revealing their real names to the whole Internet. It is also interesting that Battle.net and Facebook have recently come together and are sharing services. This raises some concerns about privacy seeing as Facebook has had issues with this in the past. This article over at Filefront covers all the reasons why this is a bad idea. PezWitch is understandably annoyed about the whole thing.

My opinion about this is pretty much my opinion about Facebook or in fact any company whose policies you do not like. Vote with your money, cancel your account. Don’t go on line and cancel your account on a web page, call their customer support line and ask them to cancel your account and let them know why. There are a lot of other games out there besides World of Warcraft and many of therm are doing really cool and interesting things. Dungeons & Dragons Online is free to play, they make their money by selling in game extras. Turbine is considering converting Lord of the Rings Online to a similar system. Of course you also have Star Wars and Conan games, who wouldn’t want to play in a galaxy far far away or Hyboria. The bottom line is, you don’t have to put up with shit if you don’t want to.

New race leaked for next World of Warcraft release

For you WoW fans here is a leaked image of a new race to made available in Cataclysm. The pictures are of a female worgen, a dog or perhaps fox based race.


The ability of computers to use multiple monitors has been around for a long time. The problem is it never worked well with games. ATI has changed all that with their Eyefinity technology, which allows a game in full screen mode to stretch across two or more monitor. Realistically however, three monitors is the minimum, that way your visual center is on the center monitor and not in the middle of where two monitors meet. PezWitch has been lusting after one of these video cards for several months now and yesterday she finally got it from NewEgg. As a side note, when doing this, all your monitors have to be hooked with a digital connection, DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort, you absolutely can not use a VGA to DVI adapter, it will not work at all. Anyway, here is PezWitch demonstrating the immersion of Eyefinity. It should also be noted that somehow, I lost my second monitor to this project.

Stupid People

Okay, so I go to pickup PezWitch from work the other day and Chuck (of chuckisawsome.com fame) is helping this customer. Apparently he had upgraded his video card and this game he was playing no longer worked properly. Chuck hooked up his external hard drive and fired up World of Warcraft on the system and it played just fine. Then Chuck runs the guys game that he has been having trouble with. First thing that happens is the guys virus scanner pops up and gives a warning about the program. The guys says, ignore that it always does that when I play the game. Second thing, the intro screen to the program comes up and it is all in Russian. The guy explains that this is a game that has not come out yet and he is beta testing it. My reactions is;

1. It is beta software

2. It is from Russia

3. It makes his virus scanner go off


Playing pen and paper RPG online

This is cross posted from The Hermits Hut:

I have been playing a regular game of HackMaster every week since June of 2002. All of my players are spread across the western half of the United States. I have players in Portland Oregon, Billings Montana, and various places in Texas. In playing this weekly game, I have never left my house and neither have any of my players. We play over the Internet using a program called OpenRPG. The program, OpenRPG is specifically designed for providing a game group with a virtual table top to play their RPG on. It provides a whiteboard to draw maps on, chat, die roller and nodes which can be used to build things like interactive character sheets. I have found this mode of play to be very satisfying and sometimes I can’t imagine playing any other way. Playing online has many advantages over playing Face to Face (F2F).

  • It is easy to get a pickup game going even at 3 AM and none of your friends will answer their phones or everyone is out of town for Christmas. Simply log into one of the high traffic servers and announce you will run a game of whatever and will take the first 4 people to reply.
  • You are not limited to your geographic location. If all the games in your local area are Vampire LARPs or 4E games and you hate both games, it should be easy to find other players in other locations who want to play your game.
  • If all the game groups in your area are comprised of people who smell like cat piss and you miss your old game group, you can still play like its 1979.
  • No lugging game books across town, all my books are within easy reach of your computer.
  • No after game cleanup.
  • Angry spouses and crying children only affects one player, not the whole group.
  • I only have to buy munchies for myself, no mooches.
  • It is much easier to accept the cute elf ninja chic if I can not see the 300 pound bearded man playing her.
  • It is easy to get rid of annoying players, simply boot them out off the server and change the password.

To be fair there are some disadvantages to playing online as well and it is definitely not for everyone.

  • Progress is slow, it takes an online group 4 hours to accomplish what a F2F group could do in 2-2.5 hours.
  • As with any online communications, sometimes it is difficult to know what people mean when you do not have body language and facial expressions to help judge, misunderstandings do happen and are more common in online games, especially among people who do not know each other off line.
  • It is easy for players to get distracted. Unfortunately it is easy to multi task with a computer and players can and will entertain themselves during the slow times of the game. They will watch TV, play Nintendo, surf the web and I have even been known to play in two online games simultaneously.
  • Computer hardware and software are not perfect and sometimes things just don’t work right. The server you are using might go down in the middle of a game or one of your players may have a hard drive crash and loose all of his characters, macros and game settings.
  • Cheating is much easier. I have not found an online client yet where die rolls could not be faked with some creative use of HTML or ASCII codes.