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RE: GenCon

I was going to hunt down some pictures and talk about various bits I have heard about GenCon. Instead, I am going to point everyone to a nice io9.com post which does what I was thinking about very nicely.


Can I have too many dice ?

Will Wheaton is testing the theory that one can never have too many dice. Before he went too GenCon this year he posted that he wanted everyone he met to give him dice and when he got home he would spread them on the floor and take a picture.

To me, this is entirely too cool. Not only did he get a ton of free dice, many of them, he said, came with a story. Unfortunately, many of these stories were “This dice is evil, here take it and good riddance !”, so I am not sure I would allow this lot in with my GameScience dice, who knows what form of luck sucking evil exists in this pile, but it is none the less cool and I am jealous.

The internet killed the video star

Okay this picture made me laugh. For you non geek types, this is a romance novel style painting of Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day. To us geek types, this is really funny.

Artwork by Greg Aronowitz