RE: Trayvon Martin

As predicted I took some heat for my previous post about Trayvon Martin. First I would like state, if you try to post a comment but your email address is that of a known spammer, your comments are going straight to my spam bin where I look at them once or twice month. Second, this is my blog, I pay for the domain name and the hosting, I am under no obligation to post anyones insane rants besides my own and PezWitch. You have every right to exercise your first amendment rights, however, I do not have to pay for the soapbox you want to stand on. Third, I would probably be more receptive to your arguments if you did not call me names and swear at me.

A couple of people emailed me links to various crimes committed by black people, all of them very bad and vicious, wondering why I did not comment on any these crimes. Well, in most of those cases the perpetrators were found, arrested and tried for their crimes, which proves my point. One fellow did send me a link to a shooting at a Taco Bell in Laveen AZ where the perpetrator was not immediately arrested. Normally I would post a link, but it is to a Foxnews site and I refuse to link to Foxnews, but if you google it you will find it. My take on this is first, I can not find any follow up to the story which occurred on the 3rd of April. My guess is that if the perpetrator had still not been arrested Foxnews would still be spitting nails over it, the fact that I can not find anything concerning this case much beyond a couple of blog posts and a Youtube video tells me this is not what you think it is. But even assuming it is exactly what you think it is, okay fine, point taken. However, I would argue this proves my point rather than disproves it. My guess is this guy was quietly arrested several days ago, but even if he wasn’t does anyone really believe for a second that the Phoenix Police Department will refuse to do its job, the Chief of Police be forced to resign and a special prosecutor have to be assigned to get this guy arrested?


  1. you actually had folks swear’n at you? Even in the most heated argument I don’t think either of us swore at one another. They should also realize your comment was on a topic that is not only a criminal investigation, but a socail and political commentary that was receiving national attention…whether or not it deserved national atttention is open to debate.. I don’t recall about hearing any other crime stories a week before or since that recieve the attention. So, why would you troll looking for criminal stories to comment on? But then honestly the news I pay the most attention to is world wide news and scitech news meaning any thing science and tech related. So I am considered by some as “uninformed” on national issues… I ussually compare anything on foxnews with cnn and sever various news sites around the world.

  2. I seriously believe there are bands of people who google news stories strictly for the purpose of trolling blogs on various subjects. I think this because I have only a couple of people who regularly post here, you Chad, Shannon and a couple others. I really find it hard to believe that I have this secret group of followers who I have never met come here to read my blog, then decide to abuse me when I write something they disagree with. Anyone who knows me, knows I am an unapologetic liberal and that my various rants are going skew in that direction. It is my policy never to give these people a forum from which to speak. I will allow strangers to comment, but they must leave a valid email address and they must write in a respectful, intellegent manner.

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