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Today is my 47th Birthday

Generally I preferre my birthday go by quietly and this year is no different, I didn’t even take the day off from work. I did get some neat presents, my two sisters bought me a Star Trek lunch box. PezWitch got me some art from Mike Grell while we were at Comic Con. My Mom gave me cash, which I always appreciate. Tonight when I get home, I will have the traditional birthday pumpkin pie and all will be well in the world. Cheers everyone.

This is not in the Cub Scout Handbook

For those of you who fancy yourselves adventurers, here is some must have knowledge.

I am particularly fascinated by the steam powered lava surf board.

Review: Jennifer Government

Jennifer Government starts out as standard dystopian future fare, where the corporations have taken over to the point where people take their employers company name as their last name and being unemployed makes you a non-person in almost every regard. The book is well written and there are a few scenes in the book which are genuinely funny and/or exciting. While the book is a good read, there is very little here that is new or fresh, John Nike is a stock Mega Corp Villain who will do anything to make a profit, including murder and kidnapping. Jennifer Government is a basic tough chic who will stop at nothing to bring John Nike down. Reading other reviews of the book, some readers have complained the book pokes fun at libertarian political thought, I am not so sure. Yes, the antagonist was a greedy bastard, but the other corporate tools eventually drew the moral line and cut John Nike loose. The implication being the corporations ultimately didn’t need the Government to force them to do the right thing, they did it by themselves. If you like near future soft SciFi, this is a decent read.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I was born on Thanksgiving day and every few years it comes around on it again. This year is not one of those years, but it is nice and convenient when it does. Anyway, as I write this the turkey is in the oven, PezWitch is watching the Thanksgiving WKRP in Cincinnati episode, one of the greatest episodes of any TV show in the history of TV. If you have never seen it, it is definitely worth the 20 minutes it takes to watch it on Hulu.

People with more money than brains

Mary, who sits next to me at work, has been talking about this odd customer she has been helping over the last few days. Apparently this guy is trying to get a multi monitor setup with three 30 inch monitors to work. While I think this is obviously over kill, there is some justification for it. However, she mentioned that Mr Moneybags planned to eventually have eight 30 inch monitors, which he claimed he absolutley needed for his work as a stock broker. I would certainly never belittle the cool value of having monster computer setup with eight 30 inch monitors, but please please please do not insult me by claiming you need it for work. Seriously, there is only one thing a setup like that would be used for, and that is PORN ! Anyone claiming anything else is trying to fool you.

My Birthday

This is the week of my Birthday, on Sunday, I will be 47 years old. For those of you who wish to send me gifts, cash is always appreciated, however, if you plan on getting me a hooker, please clear it through PezWitch first.

The continuing adventures

I realised last night I had not posted anything about the Friday night game in a while. Last night, they completed Act I of a very long and drawn out campaign. To recap, last year I decided we needed to play a long long campaign and give everyone a chance to get a character to 15th level, which has never been done in one of our campaigns. So I laid out an 18 month campaign, of which we are now 6 months into.

The over arcing plot line is this campaign is, last year during the Christmas game, due to several bad draws from a Deck of Many Things, Trelissa (David’s Drow Thief) became a prisoner of Ymir, the Frost Giant Gawd, to make matters worse, Hahmez (Thor’s Half-Orc Fighter/Cleric) acquired an extra dimensional enemy, if you guessed Ymir, you are correct. So, now the party is off to rescue Trelissa and hopefully get Ymir off Hahmez’s back. To this end, the party was told by the seer Lilly they needed a guide, someone who could lead them into Jotunheim. To this end, the seer told them to seek the heads of the three hags. The heads turned out to be skulls of Valkyries, when put together, can summon the Queen of the Valkyries. Last night they managed to get the third skull and most everyone is now 10th level, putting the campaign right on track.

We are now headed into the holiday season, so no game next week, the next game we will be playing our mini campaign, which is run by David. After which, we head into the Christmas game, so we will not be coming back to this game until after the first of the year.

RE: Harry Potter Episode 7

The newest Harry Potter movie was a bit like The Empire Strikes Back. The movie spent a lot of time setting up the story for the next film. The down side of this was there were a lot of slow moments in the film where Harry is navel gazing. The up side is there was a lot of character development, we get to see Harry, Ron and Hermione start to grow into the heroes they are suppose to be and the Ron/Hermione relationship is finally starting to move. While I do try to stay spoiler free in these reviews, I will say the Harry/Hermione snogging scene was well done and sort of hot.

Like The Empire Strikes Back, I think this movie will be regarded as the least loved the series because of its slow pacing, however, it is a necessary evil and makes the over all series better. If you didn’t go see the midnight showing last night, you can probably wait a couple weeks to see the movie, but don’t wait for DVD, this movie is well worth seeing in the theatres.

Harry Potter Episode 7

Tonight we are going to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie. I am not sure exactly why, but apparently if we don’t go tonight, we will not get another opportunity for several weeks. Needless to say, after dinner I am taking a nap, otherwise I will not make it through this two and a half hour monstrosity. Over the last several weeks we have been re-watching the previous movies in preparation for this. Tomorrow I will write a review.

Comic Con: Post Mortem

Whew, I got some sleep and a hot shower, unfortunately I am also back at work. Going to Comic Con was the most fun I have had in long time. We met a lot of people, the Blue Moose booth and the Browncoats band, jump to mind. We took a lot of pictures, I think close to 200 between us, I have already posted 26 of them, if you want to see more, visit PezWitch’s Facebook page. We also spent a lot of money, most of it was spent at Mike Grell’s booth, I think I dropped $300 there easy. We attended four panels during the show, one was a disappointment, while the other three were well worth the time spent.

Walter Koenig – Mr Koenig was neither the best of the show nor the worst. His stories were interesting and sometimes funny, although he tended to wander off track occasionally. One issue was the lame ass questions some of the audience asked. Even after he mocked fandom about asking him to say “Nuclear Wessel”, some stoned chic still asked him to say it anyway. I kind of got the feeling that he was maybe a bit tired of the fan circuit and frankly, who can blame him.

Nicholas Brendon – This was probably the least entertaining of the panels, he had very little chemistry the other two panelists. In spite of this he and his fellow panelists plowed through till the end. The worst part of this panel was the audience questions. To the women who asked him if he preferred real high school or TV high school, “Fucking REALLY !”. I am glad I got up early to get a spot in line for Adam West and Burt Ward.

Adam West/Burt Ward -This was by far the best panel I attended. Adam West and Burt Ward obviously like each other, they play well off each other and enjoy interacting with their fans. They were funny and entertaining, did not waste a lot of time going off on weird tangents. The audience questions were pretty good over all, and tended to be of the “Wow, you were such an important part of my childhood !” variety. After attending this panel, I wish I had stopped by their booth and got autographs.

Mike Grell - To be frank, Mr Grell could have sat up on stage and clipped his finger nails for 45 minutes and I would have enjoyed it. Mike Grell has been my favorite artist since I started reading comics. I have vivid memories of reading the Legion of Superheroes, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and the Warlord as a young teenager. Saturn Girl, Black Canary and Tara got me through puberty.  This was the only panel were I got up and asked a question, I asked him why he hated Vince Colletta so much he wrote him into a story were the Warlord cut off his hands. The short answer of course was, because Colletta was a horrible inker and was destroying his work.

We are definitely attending next year, regardless of who the guests are. I hope Mike Grell decides to attend again, I’d love to expand my collection some more and besides, of all the people I talked to, he was by far the nicest and most fan friendly.

Edit: To be fair, Mike Grell did not come right out and say Vince Colletta was a horrible inker who was destroying his work, that was me summing up a 10 minute statement.