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More Facebook Crap

I am currently trying to organize FaceBook to make it a more manageable tool. left unmodified, you pretty much get an unending stream of conscience from the entity known as “Your Friends”. The first thing I did was remove everyone from my news feed except those who consistently post interesting content, unsurprisingly, that was about 10% of my friends list. I then clicked on the Friends link on the side bar where I can manage lists. I took advantage of the pre-made lists for Close Friends, Acquaintances, Family and then I added a Work list.

  • Family: Everyone I am related to either by blood or marriage.
  • Close Friends: Anyone not related with whom I have a life long bond with.
  • Work: Everyone with whom my relationship is primarily professional.
  • Acquaintances: Pretty much everyone else who did not fit into any of the above categories.

I then added everyone on my Work list to my Restricted list, this keeps those people from seeing posts unless I specifically allow them to see it. This keeps me from having to edit myself, or worry about SFW content or an off color statement affecting my career. And of course when the next culling comes, the Work and Acquaintances pools gives me a short list for the UN-friending.

Facebook and me

I think Facebook has deemed me a threat and is defending itself against me. I am trying to delete all my old posts and unnecessary photos. Just when I think I have them all deleted, I come back 20 minutes later and BANG!, there are 5 posts I seemingly missed. Either Facebook is hiding posts from me or it is not deleting my posts and it is playing mind games with me. My personal theory is it is trying to make the process so difficult that I will eventually give up and not try again.

The apocalypse is at hand

This morning FaceBook was broken and no one could post anything. In other news productivity in the U.S. skyrocketed with no obvious explanation.

The Got Identity

Something like 6 months ago someone who seemed to be a total stranger tried to friend me on FaceBook (FB). I of course said no with prejudice. A few days later at our weekly D&D game, my friend says hey that “Got” guy who tried to friend you is me. We then had a conversation about why he has two FB accounts, one under his real name and one under this fictitious name. He explained it started out as a way to pump up the various FB games that give you points for trying to recruit other FB members to their games and now he uses it to post political rants. So in a fit of amusement asked him if I could become Chris Got and he said sure, thus was borne The Got Identity, which I then promptly forgot about. Last weekend The Got Identity appears on PezWitch’s “People You Might Know” and this profile picture quickly drew her attention.


This is the picture I use pretty regularly as my online avatar and she recognized it instantly. This brought what I am sure was a moment of anxiety in the time between her realizing the account was mine and her asking me what this was in a very judgemental fashion. After all the internet is rife with stories about cheating husbands who have alternate FB accounts used for picking up women. My first reaction was, what are you going on about woman? When she showed me the profile pic, I remembered where the account came from and then had to explain the whole thing and in retrospect, it probably sounded kind of silly and lets be frank, it was pretty silly, but no one can accuse me of being a terribly serious person. The upside was this lead to a hilarious FB exchange where I was arguing with my alter ego about which of us was the real person.

So long and thanks for all the fish – Part 1

Okay, I am going to admit defeat here. I simply do not have the bandwidth anymore to post here on anything remotely resembling regularity. In the next day or two I am going to decide if I just want t take a break for the summer or if I need to just shut it down and shift what little blogging I do back to Facebook. Right now, I am leaning towards the latter rather than the former.

Politics, FaceBook and Me

A picture from Facebook posted by a friend and peer at work, I disagreed with him on FaceBook and he asked me to provide some proof that this was wrong.

So first up, is those numbers. These numbers might be vaguely correct (but not really) of President Obama’s first budget had started on January 20th 2009, it did not. The last Bush Budget did not expire until September 30 2009.¬† By the time the last Bush Budget expired the national debt was already at 11.9 trillion dollars. What this means is George W. Bush was not only responsible for a nice hunk of the 6.307 trillion on the left side, but he was responsible for most of the 6.477 trillion on the right side. Go a head, check it out, I am telling the truth.


Next, I would like to have a look at the cause of the 3 trillion or so dollar increase in the national debt since then. Lets have a look at what the cost of continuing George W. Bush’s tax policies and wars versus new spending by President Obama.

These 2 charts paints a much different picture from the first graphic. What this means is, most of the deficit is coming from  continuing policies from the Bush administration, which presumably, my friend agrees with, tax cuts and the various middle east misadventures.

Edit: I am aware the number provided in the original graphic do not work when presented in context. The implication of the graphic is the national debt is 12.784 trillion dollars and 6.477 trillion of that is President Obama’s fault. If you compare those two numbers to the number provided in the link to the Department of Treasury, you see the national debt was at 6.2 trillion on 09/30/2002, which would have been when the first Bush Budget expired. the 12.784 trillion was not achieved until sometime between 09/30/2009 and 09/30/2010. In effect, the creator of that graphic is trying to blame the deficit spending of the Bush administration on President Obama. While I find it mildly amusing that someone went to this trouble, it is a lie and does not hold up to even cursory examination.

RE: FaceBook and Me

I read this interesting article about how FaceBook is really making us more miserable. This kind of makes sense to me. While I was an active participant on FaceBook, I almost dreaded reading it and I hated myself for going there several times a day. I hated it because so many people were posting too much garbage. At first I thought it was just the game requests, but after I got all that stuff blocked out, I still found it annoying. What made it even worse was I kept going back, because for a lot of my friends, it was the only way to stay in touch, even if their posts made me cringe sometimes. I think the final nail in the FaceBook coffin for me, was when they banned it at work. I felt relieved and almost elated. Now I check FaceBook once a week and I am pretty satisfied with that.

Goodbye Google+

The other day I deleted my Google+ account when I realized I did not remember the last time I looked at it and it had been at least a week or two. Then I thought about it, and decided while I was at it, I should delete my Twitter account since it had been at least a month since I last looked at that. I suppose there really is only room enough in my life for one social network, FaceBook seems to be the default and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon.

As a side note, this morning while surfing the web I came across this tidbit on Slashdot which is a discussion about Google+ being an identity service and the social network is just a side line. It included two links of interest.




Hookey Bobbing

Over on Facebook there is a new group called “You know you are from Billings when..”, for the most part this group has been less than amusing. However, the other day the discussion of Hookey Bobbing came up. Hookey Bobbing is when, during the winter and all the roads were covered with snow and ice, we would grab the bumper of a car while it was stopped at a light and then let the car pull us along, often at speeds of 35 miles an hour or greater. As tremendously stupid as this sounds it was the primary mode of transportation to school during the winter for teenagers not yet old enough to own a car. The pit falls of Hookey Bobbing are obvious, hit a bare spot of pavement and if you were lucky, you lost soles of your boots, if you were not lucky, you ended up with a dislocated shoulder. Sudden stops by the car usually meant a black eye or broken nose and speed dips or speed bumps usually sent you flying into the nearest wall, telephone pole or mail box. Sometimes I am truly amazed that I survived my childhood.

RE: Google+

I am so uncool, my own wife refused to send me a Google+ invite, I had to get one of the guys I work with to send me one and of course today after I signed up I got like three other invites. I suppose that is the way of it. Anyone who wants an invite, drop me a line and I will send you one.

So far it is pretty much a Facebook (FB), but It adds some options I do like. For instance I can break my friends into circles and then limit who can see the content I post by circle. For instance, the standard circles are Family, Friends and Acquaintances, I added Co-Workers as well. This way I can keep my Sisters and Co-Workers from seeing the pictures of Chad’s naked ass from the New Year Party in 1981, while inflicting said pictures on my Friends and Acquaintances.

FB does have the option to make Groups place all your friends into various ones and use it to control who sees what content, but the problem is FB Groups are clunky to make and use. It was a pain in the ass to go through my 44 FB friends and place them in a Group, I can’t imagine what that process would be like if I had 440. Although I suppose it would not be too bad if you started doing it early on instead of waiting until you have 440 Friends.

Since I have a love/hate relationship with FB, I am sure I will have similar feelings about Google+. I suspect all the gripes I have with FB, will probably apply to Google+ as well. For the immediate future, I do not see myself using Google+ any more than I use FB. In the mean time, Gizmodo has an article suggesting some things we should do to Google+.

Gizmodo: So-what-the-hell-are-we-supposed-to-put-on-Google+