My Mom has a computer now

For almost 2 decades my mothers method of sending me an email has been to tell my sister to email me about whatever subject she needed addressed. This worked well for us. However, recently my sister got the brilliant idea of getting my Mom a computer and turning her loose on the Internet. It is not bad enough that my Aunt Doris is on the Internet and I had to friend her on FaceBook, but now my Mom is there too. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, she a living saint, she raised 5 children as a single mother and none of us to my knowledge is an axe murderer. I am just somewhat unsettled about about the whole thing, I mean can’t we pass a law or something that forbids people who have children to get on the Internet after said children have reached the age of 21?


  1. lol, your paranoid! Your mum will pick it quick. She’s intelligent and has the Patience of a saint! She’ll do fine. You’ll just have one more email to read every day. til she fines stuff to forward! lol

  2. lol well so far she is warily circling it so i am thinking it will be awhile before you are in trouble …

  3. things like this are why i have like 17 different e-mail addresses. that way i don’t accidentally copy my mother on an email meant for my crack dealer friends

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