Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

Comic Con: Day 1a

We survived day one. We did not make any of the panel discussions, but hopefully tomorrow we will make all of the more interesting ones. We pretty much spent the afternoon in the hucksters room (do they still call it that ?). PezWitch took a lot of pictures. This is Poison Ivy with Thulhu.

This one is for my SteamPunk friends. I bought the goggles and the crossbow from these two.

The Blue Lantern looked like he was having fun and I can appreciat the weight appropriate custom.

The thing I wondered about with this guy was, is that a sword or snowboard ?

I spent nearly $100 at Mike Grell’s booth. I commissioned a head shot of Green Arrow not shown, because its not done yet. Here is a picture of all my swag so far.

Finally, anything worth doing is worth doing twice.

As you can imagine, she is a pretty popular girl.

Comic Con: Day 1

Carnifex is going to post a picture of his loot, just to prove he isn’t the only one buying art, here is something I picked up, from “A Guy Who Can’t Draw” (I think he is going to be famous someday).